Pro'ice Cream with Instant Whey Pro

Summer might be coming to an end but we don't need the sun to make some great tasting protein ice cream! Recipe courtesy of Reflex PT Tom Mcdonough.


-50ml Almond Milk
-37g Instant Whey Pro powder (1.5 servings) - choose your flavour!
-Ice to fill the blender cup & extra.
-x2 egg whites


170 calories
30g protein


  1. Add 50ml of almond milk, 37g of Instant Whey Pro, two egg whites to your blender. 
  2. Top up the rest with ice until full.
  3. Start to blend until ice cubes have broken up
  4. Then add some more (4 - 5 more ice cubes) and go again! Shake blender to break it up a bit if needed.
  5. You need to do this until your blender will continuously blend the mix.
  6. Once done grab a spoon and enjoy.

ps. You can replace some of the ice for frozen fruit for extra flavour!

Pr'ice Cream