Our Statement on Sustainability

Reflex HQ

As you know, at Reflex, we put quality at the forefront of everything we do. We can’t trust anyone else to produce the products you know and love. That’s why we manufacture all our products on our Informed Sport approved and energy efficient site. 

We use all green energy from our own solar panels and if we do need any extra it comes from a company called Ecotricity. They supply 100% green electricity and are the greenest energy company in Britain!  A fifth of their electricity is made from their armada of windmills and sun mills. The rest is bought from other green generators! Impressive right? They are also the only energy company recognised by the Vegan Society for supplying and generating their own vegan electricity.

Solar Panels

We also take active steps to ensure we are not wasting any of our greenness! We do not use any gas on site, and we have sky lights all over our HQ to reduce the need for harsh lighting! We use dimming bulbs to only let in the correct amount of light and all our internal lights are on a timer so if they aren’t being used, they switch off!

The People of Reflex

We are constantly thinking of new ways to make our site more environmentally friendly, we offer a ride to work scheme to encourage employees to reduce their carbon foot print by ditching the car.  If that is not an option, we also offer electric car charging points in our car park for employees to use.

Charging points

To reduce environmental impact wasting paper is also frowned upon! Of course, we only ever print when we need to and we up cycle our shipping boxes to reuse on site where we can.

Our onsite shredder can shred unusable brown cardboard and up cycle to use as inner packaging. We strive to work with partners who align with our green credentials and aspirations.

Reflex Packaging

We’re always looking for sustainable packaging solutions and ways to reduce our carbon footprint. So, when we were developing our Plant-Based Protein - we searched high and low to find the most sustainable packaging possible. We managed to get a compostable pouch, with a compostable flavour sticker and a recyclable scoop! The scoop is made from 100% PCR which is plastic that has been recycled already from discarded items such as milk bottles. Hopefully this will be the way of the future, but we are still working on that!

Most of our capsule products are housed in PETE plastic which is the same plastic you find in clear water bottles and food packaging, these are widely recyclable. As for our big black tubs, many people think these tubs are not recyclable, but they are!

The jar and lid are classified as Y2 Black HDPE, this material is recyclable, but not widely recyclable.

We ask that you please check with your local authority whether they can recycle Y2 black HDPE, as unfortunately not every city has the facilities to do so - but the good news is that’s its 92% of councils that do facilitate this in the UK! They can be recycled into garden furniture, litter bins and pipes!

The tamper proof seal and labels are not recyclable, so these will need to be completely removed from the packaging before recycling.

We have also started using more pouches rather than tubs to reduce the amount of plastic we are using. Unfortunately, our pouches are not yet recyclable (we’re working on it!) and to be completely transparent we have tried other recyclable materials and so far, they have not lasted shipping tests (cue protein powder explosion!). So at the moment the materials we use are the best way to ensure they are made, stored, kept fresh and safe!

We understand that this is not ideal, and we have pledged to the UK Plastic Pact and by 2025 all our plastic packing will be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable, but obviously we aren’t there just yet.

If you do happen to live in a city that does not facilitate Y2 Black HDPE recycling, then you could try out some of our up cycle ideas at home!

  • Doorstops – Fill tub with water and sand
  • Plant Pots – Drill a couple of holes in the bottom for drainage and fill with soil and plants
  • Storage – In the garage, bathroom, kitchen & garden
  • Reinventing them – you can use acrylic paint to jazz them up, they look great on kitchen counters or in the garden.


Protein Tub Plant Pot Customised TubDoorstop

But we are always looking for other ways our customers use them! If you find any clever solutions, please let us know or send pictures to us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram as we would love to share them on our social channels so other Reflex customers can be inspired!