Why people are ditching their current protein shakes and choosing Reflex Nutrition

Reflex Nutrition - Nov.22.21

Why are people ditching their current protein shakes and choosing Reflex Nutrition?

Well, in short, they are choosing quality above all else. And why wouldn't you choose quality nutrition? 

You get out of life what you put in, right? For us, that applies to nutrition too. We believe that quality in, is quality out. Or, in the words of Akash, Personal Trainer and Founder of Fitness Platform RNT Fitness, you have to “feed the machine with quality fuel”.

We can understand that some are attracted to what looks like an unmissable deal. The protein world loves a sale and it's not hard to find proteins at a staggering discount. 

But we seriously urge you to think about why and how those prices are so low. What is in those protein shakes that means they can be promoted at 80% off?!

At Reflex we don’t shy away from a sale now and then – we really do want to give you the chance to try the very best protein at a lower price. But, we can’t do high quality and a low price all the time. Not because we pocket the change but because highest-quality ingredients and great manufacturing isn't cheap.

We value giving you the best so you can be your best. Here is what we mean by protein of the very highest standards and this is why people are ditching their current shakes and choosing Reflex: 

1. We say no to soya protein

In short, soya protein is a cheap alternative to whey from grass-fed cows and it has less essential and branched chain amino acids than whey or pea protein. That’s why we never have and never will use it. If you want to know more, take a look at our blog on the 5 reasons why we don't use soya protein

There are also studies out there that show the soya protein has less of an impact on muscle strength. One study looked to determine whether increased soya protein intake combined with resistance training enhanced strength gains in older adults. They concluded that increased soya protein intake actually reduced gains in muscle strength compared with increased intake of dairy protein or usual protein intake.

So, there you have it. We suggest you opt for Pea or Whey protein to help grow and maintain muscle.  

2. We only use whey from grass-fed cows 

Surely all cows eat grass we hear you ask! Well, all cows CAN eat grass but unfortunately not all cows do. They can be fed varied diets, some farmers choose grains, corn, soy, wheat or oats. The cow’s diet will have a big impact on the cow’s life and on the nutrient profile of the milk produced. A grass-fed diet can lead to milk with higher percentages of beneficial nutrients such as Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, vaccenic acid, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and Alpha-linolenic acid. You’d choose grass-fed meat so make sure you're opting for grass-fed whey.

3. We do not use the sweetener aspartame 

There's a really simple reason for this. Aspartame gets bad press, it has a bad taste and we know our consumers don't like it so we don't use it. Simple as. 

4. We manufacture and quality control all our products here in the UK

We could cut corners by having somebody else manufacture our products but it’s important to us to carefully control the quality of our ingredients and final products so we can ensure they are at the highest standards. This is why we manufacture everything here in the UK, at our Brighton headquarters.

As you can tell, high-quality protein is our passion.

But to give you other perspectives on why you should choose high quality, we spoke to some Personal Trainers and Reflex Ambassadors on what high quality means to them:

Alexis is a Reflex Ambassador and Cross Fit Champion, gaining fifth place at the last Cross Fit Games. As a regular consumer of protein and supplements to support her body before, during and after high-intensity training and competitions, for her, quality products equal high performance:



“Quality is so important to me. With so many different brands out there constantly trying to undercut each other on price, I am always happy to pay for quality. Reflex offers great quality at an affordable price. I know I am getting what I pay for with Reflex and they never cut any corners. Fuelling my body with high-quality products is very important to me, because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to perform the way I do, especially on the competition floor.” 


 For Personal Trainer and long-time Reflex user Mike Mantle, quality is something that stands out from the rest of the protein and supplement world: 

“Where amino spiking, soy derivatives and poorly chosen supplement profiles are rife - Reflex stand alone, with true integrity behind everything they do.” 

 For Nicola, Reflex Ambassador, Nutritionist, Holistic Counsellor and Yoga Therapist, putting high-quality products into her body is not just for physical performance but for mental wellbeing:

Nicola"Quality is important to me because, being an intuitive eating counsellor, I know how amazing eating high-quality food and supplements make you feel. It’s really important to me that I practise what I teach so eating well and only using high quality supplements is essential for me both personally and professionally.”



So get yourselves a high-quality product for certainly not the biggest discount and be assured that you’re making the right decision in doing so. Shop now.