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Great-tasting vegan protein available in three natural flavours: Cacao & Caramel, Wild Berry & Vanilla Bean.

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We believe we’re stronger together. We’re partners for a life unlimited.

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This is our life. Let’s live it, feel it, be it, because we only get one. It’s time to say no to slow and make extraordinary things happen.

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In life you get out what you put in it right? So let's set some goals and chase them down. We'll do it all again tomorrow.

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Williams Falade

PT & Lifestyle Coach, 3 x World Champ aka Mr Fit

"A warrior's performance depends on the tools he takes into battle. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."

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What our customers say

I was advised this product from an expert gym trainer, he was correct - it’s an excellent vitamin. I’ve taken it for two years.

5 stars

Margaret Robinson

Reflex Customer

Hands down the best multivitamin available today. I’ve tried loads of brands and products throughout the years, and this is the one I can actually feel working. This is a must-have for anyone who takes their health seriously.

5 stars

Roger Kemer

Reflex Customer

I used Muscle Bomb not expecting much but my god I felt the pump and still had a heap of energy after my workout... and no crash whatsoever. I will give this a 100% rating. Great job Reflex!

5 stars


Reflex Customer

Why spend precious time shopping around for A,B & C if one stop X is all it takes

5 stars

Williams Falade

World Champion Bodybuilder & PT

I use Reflex vegan protein throughout the day. As a plant based athlete, I can rest assured knowing that Reflex have gone the extra mile to use the finest plant based ingredients to create a scientifically superior supplement.

5 stars

Callum Melly

Plant Based Fitness Model & PT

Diet protein is one of my staple protein powders because it’s a protein blend I can use it for anything from smoothies to shakes to bakes.

5 stars

Gauri Chopra

Health & Lifestyle Coach

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