Reece Lennox - Jan.15.21


Reflex PT Reece Lennox (@positive_fits) has been showing off his skills in the kitchen with this one! ūü•úūüí™


  • 220g Dark Chocolate (70%)¬†¬†
  • 120g Smooth Peanut Butter¬†
  • 20g Maple Syrup¬†
  • 20-25g Reflex Instant Whey Pro -¬†Salted Peanut Caramel¬†
  • Silicon Cupcake Cases¬†


  1. Break the chocolate into small chunks and place in a glass bowl. 
  2. Melt over a small saucepan of simmering water. 
  3. Pour 12g of melted dark chocolate into a cupcake case and swirl it around to coat the sides. Repeat this for all 10 cupcake cases. 
  4. Place cupcakes into the fridge to set the base. 
  5. Mix peanut butter, maple syrup and protein powder in a bowl to make a dough. Divide into 10 equal sized balls - Roughly 16g each. 
  6. Flatten the ball into a disc and place into the set chocolate bases. 
  7. Reheat the remaining chocolate and pour 10g of chocolate over the peanut layer to seal the chocolate top.
  8.  Return to the fridge until cups are set, then pop them out and enjoy! 


What is Instant Whey Pro? 

Instant Whey‚ĄĘ Pro is our flagship high-in-protein and low-in-fats powder, and has been for nearly two decades.¬†We use whey protein that's hormone and antibiotic free and made from the milk of grass-fed cows. Milk from grass-fed cows is richer in omega-3 fatty acids and has up to five times as much CLA. Instant Whey‚ĄĘ Pro also contains LactoSpore¬ģ, a friendly bacteria.

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