Early warning signs of burnout

A certain amount of stress can be healthy, energising and resilience-building. But, when we’ve experienced too much stress, for too long, without enough rest and recovery, it depletes our inner resources, leading to burnout. 

By recognising the early warning signs that we’re approaching burnout we can begin to prioritise rest and recovery practices so stress doesn’t have a long-term impact on our health and wellbeing.

We spoke to Nicola Jane Hobbs, Stress & Rest Researcher and Reflex Ambassador on some of the early warning signs that you might be approaching burnout:

1. Physical exhaustion

You might feel more tired than usual, lack the energy to exercise and feel your athletic performance begin to suffer.

2. Emotional exhaustion

You might feel overwhelmed, tearful and drained. 

3. Loss of enthusiasm

Even if you once loved your job, you might feel resentful about work and wake up dreading going to work in the morning. You might feel this dread in other areas of your life too. For example, going to the gym. 

4. Reduced performance at work

You might have difficulty concentrating, find yourself procrastinating and not be able to think as clearly.

5. Self-doubt

You might doubt your abilities at work, in the gym and at home. 

6. Sleep problems

You might struggle to get to sleep or find yourself waking up a lot during the night. 

7. Anxiety

You might find yourself worrying about things that you don’t normally worry about and feel anxious in work and non-work related situations. 

8. Aches and pains

You might experience migraines, back pain and muscle tension due to the impact of stress on your body. 

At Reflex, we value mental health just as much as physical health. Science tells us that exercise and mental health are intertwined and we believe that making quality sports nutrition isn’t just about enhancing body condition, strength and fitness but also about helping reach goals, enhancing wellbeing and ultimately making people feel good.️

Sometimes we feel that the fitness world can forget that it’s about more than just looks. We want to bring mental health to the forefront so start conversations, break down barriers and come together as a community to support one another. We don't want anything to stop you reaching your goals and feeling your best! 

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