Choosing to be a PT comes with a lot of responsibility. You are often exposed to parts of your clients' lives you would never normally see. It's in these moments mental wellbeing may come to the forefront. 

Signs to look out for: 
  1. Feeling sad or down 
  2. Difficulty concentrating during workouts or sudden loss of interest 
  3. Displaying low self-esteem or overtly critical behaviour 
  4. Extreme mood changes
  5. Obsessive habits 
  6. Significant tiredness, low energy or problems sleeping 
  7. Inability to cope with daily tasks 
  8. Changes in eating habits
  9. Feelings of guilt, fear and worry 
  10. Impulsive behaviour 

These signs are not definite red flags and could be caused by temporary or circumstantial stress but if you do witness any of these symptoms a simple 'how are you?' could get the conversation started! Reach out, Listen and Refer appropriately. #SpeakUp

Resources & Support: 
There are support services run by the NHS, voluntary groups and charities to offer expert advice. 
You can also use the Hub of Hope to search for mental health charities in your local area, or find one that can help with a specific problem. It’s run by Chasing the Stigma, a national mental health charity.