5 Tips to Overcome Gym Anxiety

Nicola Hobbs - Mar.18.22

At Reflex, we value mental health just as much as physical health. Science tells us that exercise and mental health are intertwined and we believe that making quality sports nutrition isn’t just about enhancing body condition, strength and fitness but also about helping reach goals, enhancing wellbeing and ultimately making people feel good 

Sometimes we feel that the fitness world can forget that it’s about more than just looks. We want to bring mental health to the forefront so start conversations, break down barriers and come together as a community to support one another.

We don't want anything to stop you reaching your goals and feeling your best! So, we've reached out to Reflex Ambassador Nicola Jane Hobbs, Eating and Exercise Psychologist who specialises in psychoeducation for fitness pros, to get her 5 top tips for dealing with anxiety in the gym:

1. Go with a friend

Working out with a friend who feels confident in the gym can be a great source of encouragement, guidance and support. If you’re both gym newbies, focussing on having fun and enjoying your time together can ease any anxiety that might arise if you go to the gym alone.

2. Plan your workouts 

Knowing what exercises you are going to do and what equipment you will need to use in advance can help keep you focussed and ease any anxiety that comes from the unknown. If you don’t feel confident to plan your own gym sessions, you might want to explore group fitness classes or having a few sessions with a personal trainer.

3. Make space for anxiety 

It’s normal to feel anxious if you’re going to a new gym or are going to the gym for the first time. If you notice anxiety arising during a workout, ground yourself by pushing your feet firmly into the floor.

4. Connect with your goals and values 

Reflecting on why going to the gym matters to you can be a powerful motivator for those moments when anxiety arises. Why is going to the gym important to you? What values are you embodying by going to the gym, even if you are feeling anxious?

5. Sing your worries 

Singing any anxious thoughts to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’ is a playful way of untangling yourself from your gym worries. Once you have some space from your thoughts, you can choose to only listen to the ones that empower you to build a healthier life.
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