Interview: Gauri Chopra On Cravings, Eating Out & Protein Bars

Reflex Nutrition - Jun.04.18

We speak to Reflex Elite, Personal Trainer, Online Coach AND Fitness Model Gauri Chopra on working out, nutrition and healthy living. Here she shares her healthy lifestyle tips and tricks with us. 
Hi Gauri! So let's talk nutrition, do you have a specific nutrition plan?
I don't have a specific nutrition plan as such, however I do like to dip in and out of tracking macros to ensure I'm getting enough of what my body needs for my lifestyle and training. I generally keep my diet balanced throughout the week and aim for 85-90% wholefoods. The other 10-15% is made up of anything I’m craving, which may not necessarily be deemed as ‘healthy’. This way, I can keep my diet flexible and interesting to prevent the boredom of eating the same thing day in day out. It also helps me feel less restricted and therefore less likely to binge from cutting certain foods out.
It's a great approach! So do you do any meal prepping to help keep you on track?
I prefer to batch cook rather than prep specific meals for each day. I generally batch cook my meats or fish so I have a protein source to grab and go, and similarly do the same for carb sources like potatoes or grains. I tend to add salads and veggies fresh as they tend to go off quicker, and fats I either add in the form of nuts, avocado, or the oil in which my food is cooked in. I feel prepping this way works best for me so I can mix and match based on how I’m feeling on the day!
Sounds like a plan! So do you work out your protein requirements for the week?
Yes, I like to use the 1g/lb bodyweight rule.
And, do you have a similar plan for carbohydrates or fibre?
Carbohydrates I keep flexible depending on how active I am or how intense my training is. Fibre I keep to a minimum of 25g to ensure my gut health is kept in check.
Fibre is incredibly important for gut health and something that can get forgotten about. Are you aware of how much fibre you need on a daily basis and do you have any tips for getting the fibre you need?
As a guideline I usually say 5g for every 500kcals consumed is a good minimum. My main sources come from leafy greens, whole grains, flaxseed, and chia seeds. My best tip would be to try and incorporate one of these into every meal!
So do you supplement your food intake with any sports nutrition supplements? If so, for what purpose?
I do supplement with whey protein for convenience, and because it tastes good! It also helps keep my sweet tooth satisfied and makes life so much easier on my busy days or when I’m on the go! My favourites are the Reflex Diet Protein and Instant Whey Pro. When I am training fasted in the morning, I like to sip on some Amino Fusion. I feel like it gives me the energy to get a good session in, and ensures my muscles are preserved if I am training for a long period of time! When I can feel a cold coming on, I do like to ensure I top up my vitamins with Nexgen Pro to ensure my body is fully equipped to fight off any nasty bugs!
And what about when you're on the go - how do you ensure you get the right nutrition?
I love protein shakes and protein bars because they’re a super convenient and tasty way of meeting nutritional needs without much prep! My other favourite snacks or ‘handbag essentials’ are fruit and nuts, wholefood bars, popcorn, and dark chocolate.
Your diet sounds very healthy without being restrictive, for you, what does a healthy lifestyle mean and how do you maintain that? Especially when you’re busy or on the go?

To me, a healthy lifestyle means keeping active with the kind of exercise I enjoy doing, and eating in a way that nourishes my body to make me feel good from the inside out! When I’m busy or on the go, I always make sure I’m prepared with healthy snacks so I’m not tempted to make poor decisions. 

 Thanks Gauri. As always, great to hear from you!

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