The dangers of dry scooping your preworkout

As you've probably seen "Dry-scooping" videos are taking the internet by storm. These videos suggest eating a scoop of pre-workout without diluting it with water. However, there's dangers to doing this as researchers have found.
Here's why we strongly, strongly recommended diluting your supplements...

Firstly, this 'trend' of dry scooping videos can encourage people to take more than the recommended daily dose. 

Pre-workout powders typically contain lots of amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients, such as caffeine.

There are known risks from taking on too many energy-boosting stimulants. For example, a very large dose of caffeine can cause heart-related side effects including palpitations and extra or missed beats.

This jolt can cause "an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, potentially leading to disturbances in heart rhythm".

Secondly, researchers say that accidentally inhaling the powder into the lungs could cause choking or an infection or pneumonia. 

The trend of misusing preworkouts is growing in popularity... 

In a recent study researchers analysed 100 videos posted on the TikTok social network channel, using the hashtag "preworkout" for their search.

Only eight of them showed the powder being used in the correct way.

More than 30 featured dry scooping, with individuals putting a scoop of undiluted powder into their mouth followed by a few sips of water or liquid.

These amassed more than eight million likes.

How can I take my preworkout safely?  

At Reflex, we offer two preworkouts: Muscle Bomb and Preworkout.

With both we strongly recommend diluting with water, mixing thoroughly until the powder has dissolved and not exceeding the recommended serving size (stated on pack and on the website product page).

We also offer Muscle bomb without caffeine if you prefer and we do suggest you assess your tolerance by taking a half serving initially. 

So the bottom line: 
  • Always dilute your preworkout
  • Do not exceed the recommended serving size or daily allowance
  • No matter what brand of preworkout you take, always follow the instructions on how to use 

Don't forget caffeine is dehydrating so ensure you're staying hydrated when taking on caffeine. The British Heart Foundation advises: 

  • You should be having six to eight glasses of fluid a day whether you are training or not. 
  • Listen to your body - if you're thirsty or sweating then drink. 
  • You can drink too much water, so don't overdo it
  • You can also drink too much caffeine, don't exceed the stated recommended daily dose. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your supplements or how to take them please get in touch and our dedicated team of sports nutritionists will be able to advise.   

Source: Michelle Roberts (Doctors alerted to dangerous dry scooping workout trend)