Gauri Chopra

Holistic Personal Training, Health & Lifestyle Coach, Sports Masseur, Gym Owner aka Chops


London, UK




What i wanted to be when i grew up

There’s been a few... a firewoman (mainly because I thought it would be cool to slide down the pole). Then a zookeeper because I love animals, wanted a pet and figured what better career than to be able to look after animals from all over the world! Then I realised I wanted a bigger earning capacity so I did some work experience alongside a vet... needless to say that didn’t work out either! Who would have thought I’d end up doing what I do today! 

A fact about me that surprises people

I’m 28 years old...I don’t think there’s been a single person guess my age correctly! I usually get 18-23! What can I say... training & good nutrition keeps me young! 

My dream job if money didn't matter

Travelling the world with my camera, and just sharing the best places to eat & work out in!

My happy place

Apart from just hanging out at my London Rooftop Gym, wherever there’s a sunset/sunrise and nice view. When I get to experience both at my rooftop gym... It’s just bliss.

I geek out on

All things nutrition & the way the body works! I love knowing how certain foods can affect, harm or heal our bodies, and just generally learning about what our bodies are capable of!


International Fitness Champion


Recipes in Ebook - FIT&FULL


Years of experience as a PT



London Rooftop Gym, Shoreditch


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