Interview: Alex Crockford on Snacking, Meal Prep & Fibre

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hearing from Alex Crockford - Reflex Elite, Personal Trainer and Founder of fitness brand #CrockFit. Here we get the inside knowledge on Alex's lifestyle when it comes to working out, nutrition and living life the healthy way. 

Hi Alex, let's start by talking nutrition. Do you have a specific nutrition plan for the week? If so, where do you get your inspiration and how often do you change plans?
Every week is different for me, sometimes I am able to plan, prepare and track my nutrition, whereas other times, if I am travelling or very busy, then I have learnt to stay on track but with a more flexible approach. If I am working towards an important shoot then often I will write down a specific plan and repeat that daily.
Sounds very organised so do you prepare your meals for the week?
Fortunately I have a lifestyle where I can prepare for the day or the next but I rarely plan for further than that. I don’t want to sound basic, but chicken, rice and mixed veg is so easy to prep and it keeps well for the next day!
Do you measure or track your protein requirements?
I usually keep track of my protein intake daily to make sure I am hitting my protein goals. Having tracked this for many years I usually just know how much protein I'm eating a day. I have always aimed for about 1g per 1lb of bodyweight so for me that's usually around 175-200g.
And, do you have a similar plan for carbohydrates or fibre?
Carbs are something that has more fluctuation in my diet, whereas with protein I always aim to have more rather than less. My fats and carbs go up and down sometimes but fibre and carbs from veg is always a top priority for me. It is easy to just focus on protein, but it is important to always get the fibre in too!
This is a great point and one that is very relevant today given that recent reports say that many people aren't getting the recommended amount of fibre. Are you aware of how much fibre you need on a daily basis? And how do you make sure that you get this into your diet?
I don't usually count, track or aim for a particular number but I aim to include vegetables in every main meal and I usually recommend veg being the majority of your plate. Unlimited!
So do you supplement your food intake with any sports nutrition supplements?
Always! The majority of my supplements come in around workout time, such as pre workouts and always a post workout protein shake. Reaching a protein goal is tough on purely just food, so supplements are extremely useful. Other than that I have range of daily supps such as omega 3, multivitamin and vitamin D3.
What about when you're travelling - do you have a go to ‘on-the-go’ snack?
I turn to protein bars, rice cakes, apples. These are things that I look forward to (weird I know!). They're also dry food and very easy to carry around.
Given your career as a PT and from your answers above, it's clear you're a super healthy guy but for you, what does a healthy lifestyle mean and how do you maintain that? Especially when you’re busy or on the go?
Well that’s my whole #CrockFit life that I promote every day! A healthy lifestyle is one that makes you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. A life that gives you confidence to walk on the beach, try new things and meet you new people. It means getting excited about your daily exercise whatever that might be, and enjoying the food you eat everyday. Food that fuels your body and your mind for training and living!

Sounds great! Thanks for your time Alex.

If you'd like to follow Alex's journey and stay up to date with #CrockFit you can follow him on Instagram or visit his website