How to negotiate an On-the-Go lifestyle by Alex Crockford

Alex Crockford has become quite the Influencer in the online space. With over 200k followers he's on a mission to help others achieve their fitness goals whilst constantly finding solutions for juggling the fast paced on-the-go lifestyle that we have all become accustomed to. Read his blog to find out more about how he incorporates fitness and nutrition into his on-the-go lifestyle. 


Top tips for an 'on-the-go' lifestyle from Alex Crockford:

Convenience is everything when it comes to succeeding in your health and fitness journey.

When something isn't 'easy' or 'quick' it can very easily be dropped from your list of priorities when your life gets busy. This even happens to me regularly and fitness is my life, let alone for some of my clients, and for some of you reading this who live fast-paced lives.

So here are some simple tips and personal experiences to help build healthy routines in to your life!


Starting off with something I'm really passionate about, and that is understanding that we have a body, and that our body is our greatest tool!

So many of us depend on the gym, and equipment to give us a healthy lifestyle, which means when we're too busy to get to the gym or we're travelling and there is no gym around, then we don't get our workout.

I believe fitness is all about being adaptive, and varied, and sometimes doing a body weight workout, or a run, or something completely different is just as good as hitting the gym!

When the gym isn't an option, don't throw in the towel, just think of the next option you can do instead.

Make sure you check out my training plan where I have given you a gym and home training option for quick and effective workouts. 


So, training may just be for a fraction of the day, but nutrition is ALL day, and that's why it's the hardest (but the most rewarding) part! Having a routine at home, when time is on our side, food prep with healthy nutritious food all seems so easy doesn't it!?

But as soon as you're running low on time, or you have some travel outside of your routine, then it all becomes about picking things up as you go just to survive the day!... It really is hard!

My overall rule/tip is to choose real food as much as possible! I'm thinking fruit, veg, nuts, meat etc. and staying hydrated by carrying a water bottle around with you all day. But on top of that comes of course... 


There are two key occasions in my life where I find it really inconvenient to have my protein powder:

  • 1 - When I travel, or go on holiday. So there I am, in a mad rush to pack everything before the flight, I'm in my kitchen scooping out powder in to a Tupperware box, counting scoops for the amount of days I'm away for, to then securely place in my suitcase, only to reach the other side, open my suitcase to find a protein explosion all over my clothes... haha this has happened numerous times.


  • 2 - Some of the workouts I attend are further away from my normal gym so its not really convenient for me to pre-make my shake, or wait until I get home to have my shake, so I would normally either not have it at all, or pay an extortionate price for a protein shake at a London boutique gym... 

SO, considering these two occasions are a regular part of my life, the launch of the brand new Instant Whey Pro 'On the Go' sachets have come as a live saver for me! 

The sachets might not be an everyday use for you whilst you're using protein powder from the main tub, but the sachets will be there for you when previously it just wouldn't have been convenient, and its those small moments that can really make a significant difference in your fitness journey.

All with the same top quality protein and with incredible flavours, seriously long gone are the days where having a protein shake was a burden! 

My overall tip for making your fitness a success with an 'on-the-go' lifestyle, is finding the convenience in all aspects - training, nutrition, supplements, and your overall lifestyle.

The more convenient these are for you, the more consistent you'll become, and this consistency will ultimately lead to results, long term. And that's what both myself in my #CrockFit values, and Reflex Nutrition pride ourselves in helping people achieve. 

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