How to build muscle as a Vegan

Nicola Hobbs - Apr.13.22

To celebrate the launch of our new Plant-Based Protein flavours, we are talking all things vegan! So, we've reached out to Reflex Ambassador Nicola Jane Hobbs, Eating and Exercise Psychologist who specialises in psychoeducation for fitness pros, to get her advice on building muscle as a vegan: 
- Include a variety of protein-rich, fat-rich and carb-rich foods
- Eat in a slight calorie surplus
- Aim to eat 1.5-2g protein/kg body weight 
- Bodyweight and kettlebell exercises are great for home workouts
- If you feel anxious about going to the gym, getting a few sessions with a personal trainer can help you feel more confident (Read blog - 5 Tips to overcome Gym Anxiety)  
3. STRETCH 🧘‍♂️
- Explore local and online yoga classes to help with mobility
- Make stretching part of your pre and post workout routine
- Stretch in front of the TV
4. REST 😴
- Aim for eight hours sleep a night
- Make time for relaxation practices
- Have phone-free time each evening
- Supplements to support muscle building include Plant-Based Protein, Creatine and Magnesium
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