Chelated minerals – what’s the big deal?

You may have noticed that we talk about high-quality chelated minerals – a lot! Our multivitamins and mineral supplements use chelated minerals because we believe them to be high quality and the best option on the market. And, why go low grade when you can use the best? For us, quality in means quality out and that applies to all our ingredients, minerals included!

So here’s a quick guide to chelated minerals - what are they and why we believe they are a big deal.

What are chelated minerals?

Chelated minerals are minerals that have been chemically combined with amino acids. The body absorbs amino acids quite effectively, so by combining the amino acids with the minerals means they are easier to absorb by the body. This gives chelated minerals higher bioavailability than non-chelated minerals.

Why is higher bioavailability a big deal?

Bioavailable minerals are more easily absorbed by the body. This is important because it means there’s less wastage by the body and you’re not having to take on more trace minerals to account for body wastage. Instead, with chelated minerals, you have the insurance that everything you’re taking on is being absorbed by the body.

What do the studies say?

There have been several studies showing the benefit of chelated minerals. Here are some of the highlights:

  • One study compared chelated zinc with gluconate zinc. Chelated zinc was shown to be 43% more bioavailable!
  • Another study showed that Albion’s chelated magnesium is so bioavailable that a portion of it was absorbed by the body intact.

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