5 Reasons To Practise Yoga

As today is International Yoga Day, we've reached out to Reflex Ambassador Nicola Jane Hobbs, Eating and Exercise Psychologist who specialises in psychoeducation for fitness pros, to get her top 5 reasons to practise yoga! 

1. Mindfulness

Practising yoga helps to develop mindfulness. Paying attention to each posture with compassion and curiosity cultivates mind-body awareness, transforming the pose into a moving meditation. This is a great way to practise being more mindful and present in your relationships, at work and in your everyday life

2. Stress reduction

Yoga helps to reduce stress by regulating the nervous system. The pressures of modern life mean that many of us spend much of the day in a state of fight-or-flight. Breath-synchronised movements, gentle stretching and mindful awareness all help to bring the nervous system back into a state of balance, allowing the body to recover and restore.

3. Boosts athletic performance

A regular yoga practice helps to optimise athletic performance by building full body strength, improving flexibility and increasing body awareness. By regulating the nervous system it supports recovery from exercise, helping to reduce the risk of injury and overtraining.

4. Connection

The word yoga means ‘union’. Practising yoga is a great way to connect more deeply to your body, mind and breath. Joining a yoga class and practising with other people is also a brilliant way to connect with others, cultivate a sense of belonging and feel part of something larger than yourself.

5. Interoception

Regular yoga practice is a great way to cultivate interoception – the capacity to tune into how you feel in your body. By paying attention to different sensations within your body (such as a racing heart or a feeling of emptiness in your tummy) you can become more sensitive to how you feel and what you need.

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