5 Myths about being vegan

Nicola Hobbs - Apr.21.22

To celebrate the launch of our new Plant-Based Protein flavours, we've got Reflex Ambassador, Nicola Jane Hobbs to set the record straight on some of the most common vegan myths! 

Being vegan is always healthier than eating meat.

False! As with any diet, the health benefits of following a vegan diet depend on what you personally eat. Many highly-processed foods are vegan but they probably won’t fill you with energy and vitality if they make up the majority of your diet.

Being vegan isn’t healthy.

False! Any diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies if you’re not eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods. As long as you’re including lots of vegetables, fruits and protein-rich, plant-based foods, and supplementing if you need to, a vegan diet can be a healthful way of taking care of your body and mind.

You can’t build muscle without eating meat.

False! Muscle growth requires resistance training, a nutrient-rich diet full of protein-rich foods and enough sleep and rest to recover from your workouts. You can get all of these things through a vegan diet.

You can’t get enough protein on a vegan diet.

False! If you choose not to eat meat or dairy, making sure you are getting enough protein on a vegan diet might mean you need to be a bit more mindful at meal times but there are plenty of plant-based, protein-rich foods to explore.

Tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, lentils, quinoa, mycoprotein, nuts and seeds are all great sources of protein.

Adding a scoop of Plant-Based Protein powder to shakes and smoothies will boost your protein too.

Being vegan is the best option for weight loss.

False! The key to weight loss is being in a calorie deficit, which is achieved by eating a healthful diet and exercising regularly. You may feel more satiated on a vegan diet, which can reduce overeating. Alternatively, you may feel fuller and more satisfied when you include animal products.

Now those myths are cleared up, try our brand new Plant-Based Protein flavours here!