Mental Health Webinar

By clicking the button ‘Count me in’, we will add your registered email to our attendees list.  We’ll then send you an email on the 22nd Febuary with further details of how to join the webinar.

We are collecting questions to share with Tom in advance.   Submitting questions is optional but if you’d like to submit a question Tom, please click on the link ‘Count me in' belowWe are using Survey Monkey to collate the questions and then we will collate them before sharing them with Tom.

Please note that if you choose to ask a question, we would prefer that you don’t include any personal information that would identify you or anyone else. However, if you do provide any personal information, we will hold this information on the basis of your consent.   You can ask us to delete this information at any time by contacting  We plan to anonymise the questions and remove any identifying information before submitting them to Tom but you are free to ask other questions in the webinar – it is not being recorded for that reason.  

We will only retain the questions for one month after the webinar, after which time all queries submitted will be securely deleted.

All other information you provide is held as described in our Privacy Notice which also set out details of your data protection rights.