New: Essential Protein for £10 a pack

Reflex Nutrition - Jan.03.23

At Reflex Nutrition we pride ourselves on creating the highest-quality products for our community of athletes and gym goers and we have done since 1996. That’s over 25 years of only using the finest quality ingredients that get you results.

Wind forward to 2023 and we’re all seeing the increasing pressures around the cost of living. And, with a recession on the horizon you may be thinking about cut backs. But we’re here to say quality protein is not the cut back you need to make. Here’s why:

Protein is a daily essential for everyone but especially if you’re training. You want to maximise your efforts in the gym by ensuring your body is getting the protein it needs to grow and maintain your muscles. But we know you know that.

And, yes we know protein can come from food alone but sometimes we all need a quick and easy source of protein and a shake is definitely a no prepping, no cooking, no need to eat up within a week solution to getting your daily protein. We’re preaching to the choir now right?

We’re firm believers of the better you put in the better you get out. So our challenge? How do we offer the same Reflex quality for less? Here’s how:

We expertly crafted a blend of protein sources, including whey from grass-fed cows. That’s whey with all 9 essential amino acids but without the hormones, antibiotics and nasties. This blend  gives you 20g of protein per serving to promote muscle growth.

Once we perfected the base formulation, we moved onto flavour. Now, as always, we’ve not reached for the nasty sweeteners like aspartame but instead using our own in-house flavour experts we’ve created a delicious and smooth chocolate caramel and vanilla fudge.

With protein formulation and flavour nailed, we move onto manufacturing. And there’s nothing new here, like all our products we manufacture right here in the UK. That’s because we’re meticulous about quality and want to keep a close eye on everything so we can ensure it’s up to our own high standards.

Oh and we’ve removed the scoop (because let’s face it we all have too many and there’s nothing a scoop can do that a spoon can’t).

So for essentially just 20g protein with a great flavour with no nasties and the same Reflex quality seal, we’ve created Essential Protein for just £10 per pack. That’s 20g protein for £10 a pack.