Training guide

Let The Gains Begin

Tom Mcdonough - Sep.16.20

Muscle building tips for men & women 

Hey, Tom here again! ūüĎč

The past year we've had limited gym access and now with the summer coming, the priority for a lot of us is building up our bodies with some new muscle tissue! Here's some tips on how to do it best! 

Too many people pay too much attention to the details when the majority of the progress comes from the broad strokes of the paint brush. So here they are... 

1. Nutrition 

The number one priority is making sure we are in a calorie surplus, with those calories being broken down into good quality protein, carbohydrates and fat sources.

Our calories need to be progressively increased over time this will happen with our diet if we keep our food quantities the same. So, make sure you increase those carbohydrates.This will also speed up your metabolism doing it over time. The goal should be to gain weight, but at a slow steady rate of 1 to 4 lb per month.

2. Training 

It is important for both men and women to set strength goals. If you can squat 80kg, set yourself an increased goal for 6 months time and work towards that. This will help you track your progress and it makes the whole experience more rewarding. 

Tom Mcdonough

Even if you are eating well and recovering well, setting those strength targets keeps training exciting and gives us a goal to focus on. Bit of advice from me, make sure you keep your reps in the 8 to 15 range. I find this is the best balance for building muscle, shape and toning.

I would also recommend keeping the lighter weights for fitness only. If you really want to grow your muscles then the heavier weights are where it's at! Challenge yourself ūüí™

3. Supplements 

Keeping our bodies running as efficiently as possible will always result in better progress. If we stay healthy it means better recovery, less sick days, less skipping the gym and I've always said a healthy body will do what you want it to do a lot better than an unhealthy one! 

Check out my go-to supplement stack below! 

Instant Whey Pro 

Creatine Monohydrate 

Zinc & Magnesium

Nexgen Pro Multivitamin 

Vitamin D3 

Vitamin C 

Finally, make sure you are all staying safe, following the guidelines and helping our gyms stay open so we can enjoy them.

Over and out!