Williams Falade

PT & Lifestyle Coach, 3 x World Champ aka Mr Fit


London, UK



Where you'll find me at the gym

I believe the answer to that question is everywhere! There is not one area of the gym that I do not spend time in, be it the cardio area, free weights section, studio or stretch area I keep it very balanced

Ideal super hero 

It would be The Hulk! For the simple fact that he gets stronger the angrier he gets, but deep down he has a good heart!

What I wanted to be when I grew up

I wanted to be in the entertainment business. Let's just say, I loved and was naturally comfortable in front of a camera from an early age

A life goal of mine 

I want to grow a centre of excellence that will cater for everyone's health and fitness needs

My greatest strength 

I would say it's my mind. I believe allowing it to grow with knowledge and discipline has allowed me to overcome many obstacles in life, both mental and physical


Deadlift One-Rep Max


WBFF World Champion titles


Years of experience as a PT



Kings Gym, Croydon

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