Susie Woffenden

Lifestyle Trainer & Fitness Model aka Dumbbell Queen


London, UK



Where You'll Find Me At The Gym 

You’ll always find me by the dumbbell rack. 80% of my training is done with dumbbells allowing my body to work with the freedom of movement

Go-To Post Workout Dish 

Not so much of a dish… but for me life doesn’t get much better than that post workout feeling accompanied with my favourite chocolate truffles from Bespoke Fuel! Made with 100% dark cacao powder, avocado and tahini… they literally melt in your mouth!

My Dream Job If Money Didn't Matter

I feel like I am living my dream every day… 6 years ago I switched out of a career in advertising to follow my passion into health & fitness. I moved client side to work with Lululemon, a company known for their fitness clothing but also a company rooted in self-development and goals. It supported my transition into working full time in fitness as a coach and trainer and building my own brand. I’ve never looked back and can not think of a more rewarding job

My Favourite Playlist/songs To Workout To

Music is a big part of my life… it can be an instant mood changer and a great motivation for when I’m training. I love teaching and participating in group exercise classes and music is a big part of this experience.  Most of the time I download and listen to funky, jazz & soulful house mixes whilst I’m training

My Greatest Strength  

The greatest gift that has come from training is building my strength within. I have always had a strong and determined mind, but through my own fitness journey I have found a new sense of empowerment that has not only propelled my training inside the gym… but in all areas of my life


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