Muscle Bomb® Caffeine Free



Muscle Bomb® Caffeine Free


Get more from your workout with this all-in-one, caffeine free, pre-workout supplement. Available in 600g tubs. 

    • Pre-workout
    • Contains BCAAs and B vitamins
    • Contains citrulline malate and beta alanine
    • Caffeine free



    Cost per serving : £1.92
    No. of servings: 20

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    What is Muscle Bomb®?

    Muscle Bomb® is a pre-workout which contains 15 carefully selected ingredients-workout supplements are designed to enhance your workout to ensure you are getting the best from the effort you put in.

    Muscle Bomb® contains 8 g citrulline malate, 7 g BCAA's, 2 g L-Carnitine, 3.2 g beta-alanine and 1 g taurine per 30 g shake making it the ultimate pre-workout. This version of Muscle Bomb® is caffeine free, but we do have a caffeinated option available.

    Who is it for?

    Muscle Bomb® has been formulated for those people looking to maximise their workouts.

    What are the benefits?

    • 25,400 mg of active ingredients per two scoops

      Each shake provides the muscles with:

    • L-Carnitine and Beta Alanine
    • 7,000mg of BCAA's
    • Vitamin B6 and B12 which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system, and a reduction of tiredness and fatigue

    Recommended Usage

    Due to the highly potent ingredients and stimulating effects of Muscle Bomb®, we recommend that you assess your tolerance before using it as part of your training regime.

    To assess tolerance: Mix half a serving (15g, approximately one heaped 25ml measure scoop) with 175ml of water in a shaker or blender and consume on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes and assess how you feel. If appropriate, consume the rest of the serving (another 15g) and assess your tolerance again. Do not take more than 30g as a serving.

    Recommended use based on a 75kg adult male On training days: Mix 15-30 g (approximately one to two heaped 25ml scoops) with 350ml of water in a shaker or blender and consume on an empty stomach 30-40 minutes before your workout.

    After 12 weeks of use take a four week break before resuming use to avoid desensitisation.

    Mix with more liquid to reach the desired consistency and taste. Product is best consumed immediately once mixed. Do not leave mixed product to stand or leave in warm environments for extended periods.

    This is a food supplement and should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet.

    Product Information

    Muscle Bomb® contains the BCAA's L-leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are processed into very fine particles that help to deliver a product that mixes instantly. Citrulline malate is in a 2:1 ratio of the amino acid citrulline and malic acid.

    Muscle Bomb® also contains citrulline malate, vitamin B6 and B12, taurine and folic acid.

    Anything else?

    Available in 600g tubs (20 servings).


    Citrulline Malate, Branched-Chain Amino Acid Blend (L-Leucine, L-lsoleucine, L-Valine, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin)), Beta Alanine, Maltodextrin, Betaine Anhydrous, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Flavouring, L-Taurine (L-Taurine, Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide)), Sodium Bicarbonate, Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides), Colour (Anthocyanins), Anti-Caking agents ((Calcium Silicate, Silicate Dioxide , Colour (Carotenes), Grape Seed Extract, Pine Bark Extract, Vitamin Bl2 (Maltodextrin, Anti-Caking Agent (Calcium Silicate), Methylcobalamin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride), Folic Acid (Pteroylmonoglutamic Acid, Maltodextrin). May contain milk, gluten and/or egg.


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