100% Egg White



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100% Egg White


A protein alternative to milk, whey and pea that's high in protein, low in fat and easy to digest. Available in 900g tubs.

  • High-in-protein alternative to whey
  • Medium rate of digestion
  • Pure egg white


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What is 100% Egg White Protein?

100% Egg White Protein is high in protein and low in carbs and fat. It's also an easy-to-digest protein alternative to milk, whey and pea.

100% Egg White Protein offers a medium rate of digestion making it an ideal protein supplement for post-workout and in between meals.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to supplement their protein intake with a convenient, great-tasting solution that's an alternative to milk, whey and pea. The product is suitable for vegetarians.

What are the benefits?

  • Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • High in protein
  • Medium rate of digestion
  • Pure egg white
  • Alternative to whey and pea.

Recommended Usage

Consume 2-3 servings daily.

Mix 25g (approximately one heaped 60 ml measure) with 300ml water.

Consume product immediately once mixed.

This is a food supplement and should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet.

Product Information

By pasteurising egg whites, we are able to harness the protein and remove any unwanted microbiological organisms. The eggs are then dehydrated to create a pure egg white protein powder.

Along with 70% protein content, each serving of 100% Egg White Protein has pure amino acids L-Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine and Lysine.

Anything else?

Available in 900g tubs with 36 servings.


Egg White Protein Isolate (85%) (EGG), Cocoa Powder (10%), Flavouring, Sweetener (Sucralose).

For allergens, see ingredients in bold. May contain gluten and/or milk.


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